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Based out of Surrey, British Columbia, the Sundher Group sources, produces, processes, packages, and ships lumber products around the world. The Sundher Group produces some of the finest timber products in the world, with Coastal Canadian Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, and Western Hemlock.  Our office in India focuses on importing and exporting Canadian wood products globally.

  • Family owned and operated – 5 generations of lumbermen
  • 100% of custom cutting done with Canadian logs
  • Exporting lumber & timber products to 30 countries worldwide

Canadian Lumber & Timber Export

Crane Mats, High Grade Clears, Timbers, Shop, and More…

FOHC and BH Timbers, Clears, Shop, Standard, and More…

STK, Decking, Timbers, Clears, Shop, and More…

SYP Logs and Lumber Products, and More…



Our forests are a fragile gift, as members of the forestry industry we are committed to the principals of responsibility, nurturing and stewardship.  The Sundher Group is committed to promoting wood as the sustainable building material of the future. British Columbia has the worlds toughest regulations for the forestry industry.  Sundher Group does not see this as a challenge , rather as an opportunity to lead the path in sustainable harvesting and processing through effective stewardship and forest management practices.


The Sundher Group is a multi time winner of the Surrey Board of Trade Business Excellence award (2020 and 2007).

In addition, Sundher Group has won Export Awards for Natural Resources, Trade Excellence & more.

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