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Custom Cut Canadian Timber Export Products

The Sundher Group produces,  stocks and exports Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, and Hemlock lumber products from coastal British Columbia logs to customers around the world. Custom cutting to customer specifications and driving as much value as possible out of the logs is always the focus. The Sundher Group is well known for its wide variety and high quality lumber and timber export products used around the world.


Douglas Fir

When you think of Douglas Fir timbers – think of The Sundher Group. You will find our product at the largest timber distribution yards across North America as well as used on custom timber frame homes and products around the world. Expect exemplary quality, lead times, and customer service from the leader in Douglas Fir timber production.

Up to 20×20 FOHC – Rough or Surfaced – Green or KD – up to 60’

Select Structural/1&BTR Appearance/2&BTR Structural (NLGA para. 124/130/131)

Other products include but are not limited to 2 Clear & Better, 85/15 Clear, 4 Clear & Better, 2 Shop & Better, Cross Arms, Bridge Timbers, Crane Mats



The vast majority of forest in BC is made up of Hemlock – a light, straight grained species that holds great strength and stains very well. The Sundher Group had it’s start producing and selling Hemlock lumber – and understands how to maximize these logs to it’s fullest potential. We look forward to continuing to grow our Hemlock production which sells around the world.

Timbers and Beams – primarily #2&Btr Structural & Appearance timbers with the capacity of 40’ in length – crane mats, mining timbers, posts, landscape timbers.

Clears – 85/15, 3 Clear and Better, 4 Clear and Better, and Shop for high end applications sold worldwide.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and widely used lumber products around. The Sundher Group has decades of experience in the production and marketing of this sought-after species. From rough sawn STK decking and siding, to timbers and clears – lean on the expertise of the Sundher Group for your Western Red Cedar (WRC) needs.

STK, 2&BTR APP. Rough Green – Knotty grades for decking – in widths up to 12” – sold in random length 6-20’.

Appearance timbers in FOHC or BH – Thickness and with up to 16” including 40’ capacity.

Clears and shop for high end applications – Green Rough with KD and/or S4S options upon request.

Our WRC products are used on items such as: decking, siding, shutters, sauna, posts, pergolas, beams, and more.

Canadian export Timber & wood species

  • Hemlock
  • Douglas Fir
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Yellow Cedar
  • SPF